N. 1 


Preparation of methyl 9,10 dihydroxystearic acid using a solid catalyst (Abstract)
P. Bondioli, L. Della Bella, G. Rivolta

Short note - The physico-chemical properties and oxidative stabilities of enzymatically interesterified lard and rapeseed oil blends containing 35 and 25% of lard (Abstract)
D. Kowalska, E. Gruczynska

Characterization of monovarietal virgin olive oils from introduced cultivars in eastern Morocco (Abstract)
F. Mansouri, A. Benmoumen, G. Richard, M.L. Fauconnier, M. Sindic, H. Serghini-Caid, A. Elamrani

Chemical composition and antioxidant activities of cold pressed lentisc (Pistacia lentiscus L.) seed oil (Abstract)
K.B. Daoued, M. Chouaibi, N. Gaout, O. Bel Haj, S. Hamdi

Effect of harvest year on triglyceride composition and tocochromanols contents of flaxseed oil (Linum usitatissimum L.) (Abstract)
W. Herchi, K. Ben Ammar, F. Sakouhi, H. Kallel, S. Boukhchina

Short note - Some physicochemical properties, fatty acid composition, and tocopherol contents of Citrus seed oils (Abstract)
Ö. Gültekin M.M. Özcan F. Al Juhaimi

Nota tecnica. Lubrificanti. Corrispondenze tra metodi analitici (gennaio-dicembre 2015) (Full Text)
M. Sala, F. Taormina, R. Maina, P. Ruggieri


N. 2


Sulla determinazione dei tocoferoli, tocomonoenoli, tocodienoli, tocotrienoli e loro esteri negli oli vegetali (Abstract)
A.Gasparoli, C. Mariani

Short note - Evaluation of authenticity and quality of Argan oils sold on the Bulgarian market (Abstract)
S.M. Momchilova, S.P. Taneva, R.D. Dimitrova, I.R. Totseva, D.V. Antonova

Short note - The optimization of waxes yields extracted from tunisian Agave Americana L. and esparto leaves (Abstract)
I. Saâd, I. Marzoug, F. Sakli

Fatty acid composition of three different Moringa leave oils (Abstract)
F. Al Juhaimi, E.E. Babiker, K. Ghafoor, M.M. Özcan

Short note - Lipid production from three Aspergillus strains propagated on factory wastes (Abstract)
E.G. Gomaa, S.M. El-Iraki, H.O.A. Osman, S.A. Kabbary

Detection of extra virgin olive oil adulteration using Fourier transform infrared, synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy and multivariate analysis (Abstract)
S. Nigri, R. Oumeddour

Short note - Oil, fatty acid and tocopherol contents of some aromatic plant seeds (Abstract)
B. Matthäus, F. Al Juhaimi, M.M. Özcan, E. El Babiker, K. Ghafoor

n. 3 


  • Sulla complessità della frazione sterolica nell'olio di oliva
    C. Mariani (Abstract)
  • Short note - Nutritional composition and kinaesthetic properties of white table olives from Olea europaea L. Leucocarpa cultivar 
    B. Lanza, F. Amoruso, M.G. Di Serio (Abstract)
  • Fatty acids, tocopherols, minerals contents of Nigella sativa and Trigonella foenum-graecum seed and seed oils
    F. AL Juhaimi, B. Matthäus, K. Ghafoor, El F. ElBabiker, M.M. Özcan (Abstract)
  • Technical note - Evaluation of products for hard surface cleaning on a mineral greasy soil using colorimetric measurements 
    D. Mariani
  • Short note - Lipid and fatty acid distribution in leaf and seed during borage development 
    W. Aidi Wannes, B. Mhamdi, B. Marzouk (Abstract)
  • Comparative study of the effects of sodium sulphate and sodium acetate on some functional properties of some melon seed flours: protein solubility profile and water absorption capacity 
    J.O. Ogundele (Abstract)
  • Short note - Chemical properties and fatty acid composition of oils extracted from gamma irradiated rape and sunflower seeds 
    U. Gecgel, P. Catal (Abstract)
  • Short note - Changes in composition of grape seed oil during vegetation 
    T. Ovcharova, M. Zlatanov, A. Ivanov (Abstract

N. 4


  • Sulla presenza anomala di eritrodiolo negli oli extra vergini di oliva della varietà Verdial (Abstract)
    C. Mariani
  • Impact of storage in pet packaging on the quality of Algerian virgin olive oil (Abstract)
    F. Hamitri-Guerfi,L. Mekimene, K. Madani, A. Youyou
  • Changes in hexanal, thymoquinone and tocopherols levels in blends from sunflower and black cumin oils as affected by storage at room temperature (Abstract)
    M. Kiralan, M. Ulaş, A.G. Özaydin, N. Özdemir, G. Özkan, A. Bayrak, M.F. Ramadan
  • Review - Almond virgin oil: parameters of regulated physicochemical quality and stability (Abstract)
    J.M. Roncero, M. Álvarez-Ortí, A. Pardo-Giménez, R. Gómez, A. Rabadán, J.E. Pardo
  • Textural properties and storage stability of organogels prepared from pomegranate seed oil with beeswax and sunflower wax (Abstract)
    E. Yilmaz, M. Öğütcü
  • Chemical composition and oxidative stability of corn oil flavored by thyme flowers and bitter orange peel under storage conditions (Abstract)
    I. Jabri-Karoui, M. Abderrabba, B. Marzouk